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MariposaEtc.netI'm Mariposa. I have been a Selena fan for a long time. I saw her Amor Prohibido video in late 94. I didn't know who she was, I wanted to know who the woman in the video was but I wouldn't know until the day she died. After her death it was really hard for me to listen to her music. After I saw the movie I decided that she was too special to ignore. I'm from California. I learned how to speak Spanish in High School. I studied French first but because there are so many people in my area that speak Spanish and also because where I worked at the time I decided to study Spanish instead. After HS graduation I worked full time and went to school part time. Then I got laid off. I took advantage of the fact that the state paid unemployment for 1 year while I finished school. Around the time I graduated the members of Selenachat encouraged me to study Graphic Design. So now I have a Bachelors in Graphic Design! Selena inspired me to do graphics and her fans persuaded me to go to school to become a professional! Selena may not be on earth anymore but she is still inspiring people and touching our lives. She is our Tejano Angel, she set an example in her own life and now seems to be guiding us on the right paths in life! I will always be a Selena fan, she will always stay a cool and hype woman.

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At the moment the only way I can help this charity is by placing this banner and link to the site. I have supported the United Farm Workers for the last few years now. They help ensure that big businesses don't take advantage of the little people. The world is made up of the little people so please take some time to visit and learn about what is going on in your state!

To contact me just email me @

webmistress[remove]@tejanoreina.com **

I enjoy reading receiving emails from visitors!

please not 2 things, 1- before sending take out [remove] or it wont get sent

also i changed my email address due to too much junk mail and from now on

i wont recive emails as the webmaster address, im a woman also so this makes more sence, haha

2- please put **selena** as the title of the email, this will help me know its not junk!

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