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An improved website is coming soon. The photos hosting company has changed their policy, click on the images and they will still take you to the album.

Tejano Reina will be redirected to Anything For Selenas. It will have the same content but will be Tablet and Phone compatible. I will also be able to update the news section much easier to bring you the latest on all the cool Selena stuff that has been happening the past 3 years!
This site is dedicated to Selena Quintañilla~Perez. Selena is my favorite singer who tragically is no longer with us in body but her spirit lives on in our hearts and on the web!!! Selena was a super star in the Tejano Music market and was on her way to becoming a super star in the English market. Selena was a sweet person off stage and sexy on stage. She embodied all the great characteristics parents want their children to possess . In this site I would like to share with you all the information that I have about Selena. I have tons of magazines so I would like to share the interviews and photos. I hope, if you don't already know, that you learn how special Selena was and continues to be. I hope to present the most accurate information about Selena's life. This includes her childhood, concerts, awards, marriage, boutique, death, movie and play. Along with other information

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