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A mobile friendly version of Tejano Reina is now up and running. It contains all the info here and much more!

I will leave Tejano Reina up but I won't be updating it anymore. Please visit the new site, it's more user friendly and with all the changes the internet has gone through in the past 15+ years it is much easier to use than this site but because so many people know this site I wanted to leave it up for posterity sake.

This site is dedicated to Selena Quintanilla~Perez. Selena is my favorite singer who tragically is no longer with us in body but her spirit lives on in our hearts and on the web!!! Selena was a super star in the Tejano Music market and was on her way to becoming a super star in the English market. Selena was a sweet person off stage and sexy on stage. She embodied all the great characteristics parents want their children to possess . In this site I would like to share with you all the information that I have about Selena. I have tons of magazines so I would like to share the interviews and photos. I hope, if you don't already know, that you learn how special Selena was and continues to be. I hope to present the most accurate information about Selena's life. This includes her childhood, concerts, awards, marriage, boutique, death, movie and play. Along with other information

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