Asi Soy / This Is How I Am,

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This was originally in Spanish, I tried to translate accurately.

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What is your compete name?

  • Selena Quintanilla Perez

When & Where were you born?

  • April 16, 1971, in Lake Jackson, TX

What is your civil state?

  • Married

How many people are in your immediate family?

  • There are 5 of us. My parents, my sister Suzette, Abe and I

What do you weight and how tall are you?

  • 5' 5" 3/4, 120 lbs

What color is your hair and your eyes?

  • Dark brown eyes and black hair

Do you consider you're self-pretty?

  • I feel natural, but pretty no.

Are you liberal or conservative?

  • Both

What phrase do you apply to your life?

  • Always forward

What place does money have in your life?

  • It's a way of life

Selena Art

What scared you as a child?

  • That no one would love me

When you were little did your parents hit you?

  • Better, they disciplined me

Do you have a physical defect?

  • Yes, my legs

Do you regret anything?

  • No, I learned from my mistakes

Should there be shame in dying?

  • An eye for an eye

What was the worst prank you did as a child?

  • Chew gum and stick it in the hair of others.

What was the worst punishment you received as a child?

I got a spanking for climbing a tree without permission

Do you eat a lot?

  • Yes a lot!

Did you ever have an embarrassing moment?

  • I fell on the stairs and I was wearing a skirt and you could see my undies

When you get mad do you swear?

  • When I'm really mad, yes

Do you have a nickname?

  • Buffy


How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

  • I don't smoke

What was the highest grade you completed?

  • High School, with very good grades!

Do you have problems keeping in shape?

  • Yes, because I'm a big eater

Are there navigates to the fact that you are becoming well-known?

  • It fascinates me to be popular

And your aspiration in life?

  • To reenforce my singing career and to be an actress

What are your pastimes?

  • To design clothes

Is there anything that bothers you?

  • A strange dream

What is your greatest pleasure?

  • The privilege to wake up every morning

What is impossible for you?

  • Nothing, anything is possible in life

What displeases you about a man?

  • When they are conceited

Would you have a child out of wedlock?

  • No, Never!

Selena Art
Selena Art

Here is more information about the Queen of Tejano:

What does the Queen of Tejano think about...?

  • Nickname: "Buffy"
  • Dislike: "my legs"
  • Personality: "I don't like to get mad"
  • Music: "I like everything"
  • Your Man: "That he is conceited"
  • What you don't like in a Man: "That they are not happened with one"
  • Your Carrier: "Hay muchas envidad"
  • Fame: "Everything"
  • Vacations: "Miami"
  • Vice: "Eating"
  • Favorite Plate: "Double Pepperoni Pizza"
  • Impossible Love: "Andy Garcia"
  • Past time: "To play poker"
  • God: "Peace & Love"
  • Inferno: "to loose an opportunity"
  • Un pirop: "Honey"
  • A proposition: " An admirer wanted to give me an entire ranch!"
Selena Art

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