Remembering Selena

What People have said about Selena and her legacy

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Johnny Canales

I had the pleasure to see Selena Quintanilla-Perez grow and blossom into a beautiful intelligent woman. I can remember Selena as a young girl, working hard at her talent.

She was always very professional in her actions and she never let her talent or fame take away from the down to earth person she was.

Selena always believed in the goodness of people. It was her kindness that audiences all over associated with. Selena was and always will be very special to me. It is not often that a person has the ability to work and grown with someone that way I was able to with Selena. I'll miss her dearly... she was truly an angel sent from Heaven.

Emilio & Cindy Navaria

We are shocked and devastated about the tragic death of Selena. Her passing is a tremendous loss to the music industry. She was one of the brightest stars in Tejano music and had an incredible career ahead of herself and, now only is it a loss to the industry; it is a great personal loss. She will be deeply missed by all, and our prayers are with the Quintanilla family.

Selena was very talented and she reached a lot of people. She would talk about anything to anybody: There was none of this prima-donna stuff.

Elisa Gonzales-Rubio, Coca~Cola USA

We at Coca-Cola are extremely affected by the loss of Selena. Our hearts go out to her family and fans. Selena was 17 years old, and a relative unknown in the music industry, when she signed her first contract with Coca-Cola. She will be dearly missed...


Mario Ruiz, President, EMI Mexico

Jose Berhar and I first saw Selena in 1989 and we thought she was awesome as an artist. Now we know, not only what a great artist she had become, but also what a tremendous person she was and how many people loved her.

Stephen J. Finer, Esq. Attorney representing the estate of Selena

While she was an amazing young talent with the world ahead of her, I will remember her more for her humility, honesty, warmth, and beauty. She had a special gift of "connecting" with all those she met or preformed for, and she never let celebrity form a wall between her and her fans.

Jose Berhar, President, EMI Latin

When I think of Selena nowadays, what comes to mind is not her musical career, even though it was enormously successful and remains so more than two months after her death.

Rather, I think about how much I miss this special person, who so understood, so caring, so warm.

Recently, I sat down with Selena's father Abraham Quintanilla to try to find out why Selena possessed this amazingly wholesome personality.

What I discovered was that it was Selena's religious beliefs that made her the way she was.

Selena felt her Creator was the only thing that mattered. Everything else was irrelevant.

Selena's religious conviction thoroughly explains why she treated her career strictly as a business. Once she stepped off stage, Selena could go into a drug store or supermarket and just be people.

Selena was humble, genuine and fully aware that her earthly achievements were only temporary. Selena's mission to stay on higher ground had provided inspiration for me, as well as for her family, friends and fans. As a recording artist, Selena was that proverbial needle in the haystack who was authentically Hispanic and authentically American. Selena had a lot of R&B in her, but she also absorbed other musical influences, including her father's Tejano roots.

I am convinced if she had lived Selena would have been major, major star in the Anglo record world. As it turns out, Selena left us with an enduring legacy immeasurably more valuable that hit records and sold out concerts. She heightened our awareness of what really counts: Love and respect for one another.

Christina Saralegui, Spanish Talk Show Host

In the heart is where I will always keep the memory of Selena, the very kind and talented performer whom I got to know and interview.

Stephanie Lynn of High Energy

This was written in Corazon mag, about Stephanie and Selena's relationship:

between Selena and her there was never a rivalry, but they were great friends.

This is what Stephanie said about Selena and her;

Our friendship was very strong, very beautiful, very nice. In fact, I sang the chorus in Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Amor Prohibido and several other songs on Selena's last disk.

Graciela Beltran, Singer

It was a privilege for all of the artists to participate in recording Viviras Selena," said Graciela Beltran. "Selena made a valuable contribution in both the U.S. and Mexico by achieving the 'crossover', she says. "She spurred us to follow her example."

The Barrio Boyzz, EMI Label Mates

"Working in the studio with Selena was always a pleasure. We were always laughing and joking around... always very happy and energetic. She was a beautiful person and there was always this great chemistry between her and us. We had just completed the video for "Dondequiera Que Estes" and we went on to do a mini-tour around Texas and Mexico. It was an honor for us to go on the road with her."

Elsa Garcia

Sad is my heart because of the tragic loss of Selena. Great was her contribution to the music industry and as a woman. I will miss you Selena.

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