Selena being talented & Beautiful and sweet, earned contracts with a few companies besides that she did service announcement for causes she believed in.

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Coca Cola

Selena signed with Coke when she was 18. She was with them for 5 years in 1994 when they decided to do a special commemorative bottle. She was one of the very few artists that coke kept in the 90's. They were using regular actors in their commercials not celebrities. Selena made 3 commercials for coke. Most of her promotion was pictures, coke discovered that she was a great cardboard cut out and that is how they used her image.

Agree Shampoo

Selena also became a spokes person for Agree shampoo. She did a commercial and several photo shoots. Some of her best pictures are from the agree photo shoots. Her last photoshot was going to be published in Cosmo and other beauty magazines, but she died before they got a chance to use them.

Call Notes

She also became a spokes person for call notes through southwestern bell. It is no longer called that, they have either been bought out or changed their name but they are associated with AT&T. She did a commercial for them also

Battered Womans Shelter

Selena was also dedicated to the people. She filmed a public service announcement urging women of abuse to get out and seek help. It was extremely popular. It was made in 1993 in Spanish. Every time it ran the call board light up with Spanish speaking callers.

History of Tejano

She also did a video about the history of Tejano Music. She would take it with her and go to schools urging children to stay in school, stay off drugs and pursue their dreams because like her, they can too, following the right path in life, achieve their dreams.

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