From the Magazine Impacto, December 25, 1994

(originally in Spanish, I translated this the best I could)

She is one of the main exponents of the grupera movement. And not only for her unquestionable interpretive quality, but also for her beauty that wakes up passion and heats up the blood.Selena, an exuberant Texan that has conquered the heart of thousands of her admirers that follow her, gives us an opportunity at a little of her privacy and she speaks about her personal and professional life.

What was the happiest day of your life?

The happy days of my life have been when I got marred and when I won the Grammy. They were the best, because I did not hope to marry so young and with regards to the award, I was contented with being nominated and when you receive something that you don't expect, you enjoy it more!

Are you still in love?

Of course I am, we have been married for 3 years. We have normal problems like any couple, but not as much as people think. The situation between us is normal, I have a character very strong and my husband is very calm, but also I have very old fashioned moral concepts that my parents installed in me, that is to say, I have a great respect for my husband, I do not try to compete with, if he says no, it's no. When we must make a very big decision, well we talk about them. I do not feel that because of the fact that I am having hits in the music that we have problems, because I always listen to him, we communicate.

Are you a homebody?

I love to do stuff at home, but I have a life style that does not allow me to. Nevertheless, when I have opportunity to do it, I relax.

*How do you define yourself?When I want something I persecute it until it happens. I am very sentimental, I can cry with soap operas or movies or situations when they kill other people. I am very human and simple, but I get mad.*In some occasion they have described to you like sex symbol?

They have said things to me but the truth I do not like that they see me like that, but for my music.

Does it bothers you that they look at you of that way?

Yes, because puts a label on you and one must adopt that form of life, you have force yourself to convert to what the public wants. My style of dress is because I like it like that. For a show I put suitable clothes, for the occasion, but off stage, I dress like anyone else.

*What can you can tell us about your English album?

The disc is going to come out February or March, it's a disc with a lot of variation like the previous ones. It has a little everything, contemporary rock, ballads. I feel very anxious about its release because it is the first time that I'm making a CD en English. There are three songs that are ours and the rest are of producers that are very experienced, well they did songs for people like Whitney Houston.

Is it a whim?

Yes it is. I feel content with what we have done in Mexican market and, therefore, we will follow with Tejano, but this is something that we have to do, because we have waited for a long time for this project and I feel that I can also speak English, is a natural thing, Why not? It's better to try than not.

Between the promotion plans that you have for this disc recorded in English will you be traveling to London and the East.Do you think that you can neglect the market that already you have conquered?

I do not intend to neglect the market that already we have established. At this moment we are preparing another Tejano CD because we are going to do promotion at the same time although it is going to be a lot of work.

Do you have any plans to make a disc of ranchera music?

We are already thinking about it, we spoke about making a disc of mariachi music, trio and romantic ballads, but that will come in its own time. There is so much to do but we have to keep the fan base we have established to get a better one then we can do new projects.

Do you consider yourself Mexican?

I consider myself one hundred percents Mexican, although alot of people say that I'm white, with the intention to offend to me. It's like saying that you are wetback, but nobody can change my blood, my color of skin and my root and therefore, I feel that I am Mexican although my Spanish is bad. On the inside I am Mexican and I feel alot of pride of my root, I have never denied in the United States that I am Mexican.

As you consider yourself Mexican, even though you were born in the United States, What do you think of the law 187 that limits the social services to immigrants living in California?

We are speaking of Politics I'm unfamiliar with, but I see that it is a form of discrimination and I feel very sorry because I am part of that Mexican family that is living in the United States and I feel very badly because all we are equal. It is very sad to see that people are being discriminated against because of the color of their skin, the language which they speak or by their culture, I feel that it is a shame, it's sad but it happens everywhere in the world. What we can do as Mexicans is to fight, it's the only form in which we will be able to obtain something to solve that situation.

Can this law affect you?

Not too much, because the market for all the groups is already established. There are promoters and existing sites where we can carry out our events. I feel that if there is money you can rent a place and make dances.*This is how we got to know a little about this beautiful Texan, that although she was born in the United States, she does not forget her roots, a situation that is important to indicate. Knowing Selena we are sure she will do a lot more in her carrier

This part is from a magazine called Idolos de Impacto. They have the same questions, but this part is also included (these magazines are sister magazines that is why they have the same interview)

"I want to have five children! my husband wants two. I prefer that they are boys, because if they are girls I am going to be in bankruptcy by buying them too much clothes."The beautiful Texas singer says that she would love to have children, but she does not even feel preperada."I have the desire to have a child, but I am not ready because I travel too much and as the music is not something stable, its too dificil. Aside I have other businesses, because when he has my children are not going to suffer as I did it. We as family had moments that were hard and I do not want my children have the same experience. When I was 8 we went bankrupt, we lost everything and had to see my parents suffering, because there was a lot of pressure. Thank God for our family,they helped us, gave food us. Nevertheless, I would still like to have a child, I come from a very united family and believe that for any married woman it's a normal thing wishing for a child."

Besides everything else you are doing, There is something else you wish to do?

I feel that i have already realized my dreams in music. what I have left to do is something in the English market and then I want to have my first baby, this will happen when I am 27 or 28 years old.

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