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This is the New, New Musical!

First dress rehersal


Lidia Ávila is ready to represent the life of Selena in the theater. The singer has dedicated many hours to study the songs and each movement of "The Queen of Tex Mex"' with the purpose of interpreting her perfectly.


The dress rehersal and the design of the image already re made. In order to shine just as Selena they had to darken her skin color, put extensions in her hair and accentuate the volume of her hips.

Lidia Avila will have a challenge playing Selena

Mexico, January 20, 2006 (Notimex) - Lidia Avila stated that it will be a challenge and a great responsibility for her to have the leading role on a play about singer Selena, whom she always admired.


In statements given to the media during the ceremony for the 200th performance of the play "Besame mucho, el musical," the singer denied that her role in the play would affect the promotion of her latest album.

"On the contrary, it will be a plus for my career, both activities will go holding hands. The people in my record company are happy for my participation in the play, and they will support me, because as long as I'm in the theater they'll keep promoting my singles."

Avila stated that in order to perform Selena she is training hard, not in her singing, but in her acting.

She stated that this role is a challenge for her since theater "is more complicated because you don't have the opportunity to do the things one more time," and because her musical genre is similar to Selena's.

She stated that she made the casting for this project, and in December the producers told her she had been selected. However, she added that they asked her not to make any public comments until everything was for sure.

She stated that the play goes for all audiences, and the idea is to show Selena as the great artist and star she was. NTX


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